It's a comment songwriter Johnny Woods has heard more than a few times: "I like it. Sounds a little like Neil Young."  Johnny Woods is not Neil Young, but like Young, he may be on his way to becoming a major artistic voice of his generation.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Jersey, Woods started his musical journey as the drummer in "every kind of band: rock, top 40, wedding, Irish.  You name it, I played it."  Gigging mostly around the New York area, Woods' bands opened for artists such as Joan Osborne and Badfinger.  Picking up the guitar in his 20's, Woods searched for deeper self-expression as a songwriter.  He developed a taste for country music, merging it with folk and Americana as he honed his style. His songs were played on local radio stations such as WFDU and WDVR, WLVR as well as NJ News, "Oprah" and John Oliver's tv show.

In 2015, Woods met producer Anthony Krizan of The Spin Doctors and began recording his cd "Broken Fences."  Woods is at the top of his game on this release, channeling influences from classic folk to contemporary Nashville.  The opening track, "Life on Mars," is an irresistibly sunny folk-tinged country tune propelled by legendary session drummer Chad Cromwell.  In contrast, "She Don't Love Me Anymore" is a starkly simple, achingly beautiful weeper.  One particularly distinctive track, "I Just Killed a Man," is the tale of a Civil War soldier's remorse over the blood he's shed on the battlefield.  These and the rest of the collection combine to mark the debut of a gifted singer-songwriter.

"Broken Fences" is now available on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon and Google Play.